Why You Should Consider Pursuing A Career In Tech

It is common knowledge that the tech industry is one of the most lucrative and exciting in the world today. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for software developers are projected to grow by 19% by 2028, whereas other occupations only have an estimated growth potential of 7% within the same period. 

This is thrilling information as it shows an existing gap which must be filled by tech talents. There is a wide variety of tech career options to choose from, numerous seats to be filled and several challenges to address. 

Whether you are a fresh graduate trying to navigate life and plan for your future, an employed but discontented individual seeking a more meaningful career, or you generally want to explore a new challenge, building a tech career might just be the best option for you.  

So, why should you consider pursuing a career in tech in 2023 and beyond? We have outlined a host of credible reasons in this article. Jump in and let’s get you amped for what you stand to gain in a tech job! 

1. High Earning Potential  

Today, most of the best-paying jobs are in the tech industry with some entry-level roles paying as high as $60,000 a year. A survey of the fifteen best jobs in tech by Digital Trends found an average salary of over $93,000 between them with the highest of the bunch – data scientist – having an astonishing $108,000 median annual salary. 

We are sure this would ignite your interest. With a variety of tech roles to choose from including software testing, software development, quality assurance, project management amongst others, you are assured of earning an impressive salary that befits your bouquet of skills.  

2. Job Flexibility  

A large number of tech jobs unlike most white collar jobs offer the flexible option of remote work. With new technologies that aid remote working springing up on a daily basis, you can easily find a tech job that allows you the luxury of owning your work schedule. 

Cloud storage and video conferencing technologies coupled with swift internet access means you don’t necessarily have to report to an office daily. You can work at night, take a few hours during the day to be with your family, or even pursue other personal interests. Nobody actually cares as long as your output remains constant and you get the job done.  

3. Mentally Invigorating Work  

Many 9-5 workers are dissatisfied with their jobs because of its repetitive, mundane nature. This is in stark contrast to tech jobs where boring tasks are mostly automated, allowing for only challenging tasks like complex code designs, critical problem solving and strategic planning. 

You generally have to contend with diverse projects requiring logical thinking and strict attention to details. Safe to say, rather than satisfy your hunger, a tech role would intensify your drive to gain new skills and attempt even more difficult challenges. 

4. Huge Array of Career Possibilities  

Tech jobs are typically characterized by a distinct array of viable career paths should you decide to engage in a new challenge. For instance, a software engineer can branch into becoming a people manager, technical expert or a product roadmap builder.  

There exist a whole lot of possibilities in the tech field, allowing you to shape your career to suit your needs. The result of this? Optimal job satisfaction! Who wouldn’t want to have their future in their own hands?! 

5. Increasing Talent demand 

As pointed at the onset of this article, there is a huge talent gap in the tech industry that must be filled and this gap is expected to rise in the coming years. So, why not take advantage of this knowledge by positioning yourself as a resourceful individual? 

Every organization needs IT staff for something. Whether it is to develop new products, improve security and data management, improve customer experience or manage the devices within an organization, there is always a demand for tech talent. If you have the right skillset and the desire to keep growing, you will always have a market for your services!  

Is A Tech Role Right For You? 

After going through the benefits of pursuing a tech job outlined above, you need to sit down and carefully consider your options to know what is right for you. As much as there are a whole lot of enthralling benefits to be gained from being a tech bro or sis, the process of climbing up the ladder requires hard work and a deep-seated desire to succeed. 

To be successful in the tech sector, you must be smart, curious and adaptable. You should have a passion for technology and be open to taking on nerve-wracking challenges. You must be a solutions provider and a critical thinker, and very importantly, you must be excited about making a positive impact. 

If you possess most of these qualities and are willing to kickstart a thrilling tech career journey, then Tezza Academy might just be the enabler of success you need. The academy is free of charge and exposes qualified individuals to practical training and knowledge needed to build a career in Software Development, Test Engineering, Product Expertise and Customer Experience within 3-4 months. 

Successful applicants are offered a monthly stipend, feeding, internet, laundry, gym access as well as accommodation for the duration of the training. They are also guaranteed job placements with Tezza Business Solutions upon completion of the program.  

If you want to be part of the internship program, you can indicate an interest by filling out the application form on the academy’s website and you would be notified as soon as the Internship Challenge opens for responses.  

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