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Our Educational Partners​

At Tezza Academy, we take pride in ensuring we provide the best local and global educational partners for our trainees.

Get exposed to highly sought-after programs

You will learn the techniques required to be effective in rapidly expanding fields. Our curriculum is curated using best practices and innovative teaching approaches to enable our trainees to meet changing clients’ requirements.

Why Us?


We provide the ideal environment

We offer Accommodation | Feeding | Laptop | Electricity | Internet | Gym | Laundry | Driver | In-person & Virtual Training | Backup Generator | and a Monthly Stipend during the 3 – 4 months of training.


We provide the ideal environment

We offer Accommodation | Feeding | Laptop | Electricity | Internet | Gym | Laundry | Driver | In-person & Virtual Training | Backup Generator | and a Monthly Stipend during the 3 – 4 months of training.


Costs you absolutely nothing

Learning at Tezza Academy is at no cost. Our goal is to develop local talents to meet the demands of our local and international clients. All you need to bring is your commitment and wllingness to learn.


A supportive community

When you join Tezza Academy, you become part of a community of peers and mentors committed to growing together. infact, graduation begins a lifetime relationship between trainees and the Academy.


A supportive community

When you join Tezza Academy, you become part of a community of peers and mentors committed to growing together. infact, graduation begins a lifetime relationship between interns and the Academy.


Superior Curriculum

Our training curriculum, delivered by world-class trainers, is tailored to give you a comprehensive skillset to stand out. We ensure our trainees learn technical and additional soft skills.

Your Success = Our Success

Supporting your career in tech

If you want to be a highly sought-after consultant, then Tezza Academy’s training program is for you. We focus on Industry-ready skills and prepare our trainees to take on Jobs with our clients worldwide.




First Year



Big goals, full transparency

Did you know Tezza Business Solutions gave birth to Tezza Academy? With the academy, we could commit to our community, which means being consistently transparent about how we make a positive difference in their lives and the industries we work in.







Our graduates say it best

Don’t just take it from us. Our graduates share how Tezza Academy helped transform their lives

  • “There is no aspect of Quality Assurance testing they didn’t cover”

    There is no aspect of Quality Assurance testing they didn’t cover ranging from manual testing, automation testing, and performance testing... Definitely, I would recommend to my friends.

    Stella Agbadu

    Quality Assurance Trainee (2022)

  • "I now have a roadmap to my goals and vision"

    Tezza has impacted my career positively from being someone void of direction when I came to someone having a defined goal and vision. I now have a roadmap to my goals and vision, and it is beautiful to know that it is in the context of Tezza Business Solutions. Tezza has impacted my career very positively... from being someone with void of direction when I came to someone having a defined goal and vision. I now have a roadmap to my goals and vision and It is beautiful to know that it is in the context of Tezza Business Solutions.

    Olawale Tomiwa

    Software Development Trainee (2022)

  • “I’ve been trained to have a quality assurance mindset”

    I have been trained to be a thought leader and a consultant that exhumes excellence beyond the work environment. I have been trained to have a quality assurance mindset by ensuring quality is seen in everything I do. 

    Ngozi Ogudu

    Quality Assurance Trainee (2022)

  • “Tezza has exposed me to different frameworks, tools and technologies”

    My biggest takeaway has been the knowledge gained so far. Tezza has exposed me to different frameworks, tools and technologies. There’s been a sense of growth here. There’s been a sense of having that consultancy mindset where you have to be good at what you do... Where you have to know exactly how to solve problems in enterprises and organizations.

    Anthony Okoh

    Quality Assurance Trainee (2022)

  • “We get certified in all the training we are engaged in”

    My biggest takeaway is the level of effort that Tezza Academy has put into this training by bringing onboard international trainers to teach us about test automation and making sure we get certified in all the training that we are engaged in

    Oyinade Adepeju

    Trainee (2022)


Tezza Academy COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy

Tezza Academy cares about the health and safety of its employees and trainees.

Although all trainees live in the same building, we make sure that the COVID-19 safety measures, such as the use of face masks, hand sanitisers, regular hand washing, tests, and vaccination, are followed, especially for aspects of the company that require physical cohabitation.

We believe health is wealth, and good health contributes to an excellent learning environment!

Learn With Us

Whether you’re forging a career in Software Development, Quality Assurance, or Product Expertise—here’s how Tezza academy will pivot your career journey.

Learn For The Real World
We deliver an intensive 3-4 month onsite training at Magodo where our trainees learn technical and additional soft skills in an immersive environment.

Learn by building
As part of our curriculum, we expose our students to real-life applications and projects in a collaborative environment. During these projects, we ensure they are well-equipped individually and in teams. This aspect of our program provides our trainees with verifiable work experience and the confidence to excel in their jobs after graduation

Collaborative Learning
We strongly believe in a collaborative workforce hence the requirement for our trainees to spend time with their peers within the Tezza Academy building. Trainees are required to spend Monday- Friday on-site and we encourage them to spend the weekend with their families.

Placement Services
We equip you with the level of competency our clients are looking for so you can meet the ever-changing demands. Our 12-week curriculum gives you the skills to work with clients in different industries. Once you complete the program, we process your international passport in preparation for work opportunities and career-related training and conferences outside of the country

Pre and Post Training Remuneration
Pre Placement:
N65,000 stipend per month

After the training:
N250,000 per month for the first year

Post Training Time Commitment and Bond
Tezza Academy is beyond just a training academy for us at Tezza Business Solutions. Tezza Academy is our way of onboarding every new IT resource into Tezza Business Solutions. We believe in pedigree hence why it is critical to have a way of identifying and grooming resources who would maintain and extend the vision of our organization. We are intentional about the financial commitment to the training and grooming of every trainee because we believe it is critical to our success.

The extensiveness and magnitude of our financial commitment to the program require us to only select and admit those trainees who are able to make a 2-year post-training employment commitment. For this reason, trainees will be required to execute a 2-year bond employment agreement with Tezza Business Solutions.

Our selection process consists of several stages through which we come to understand your experience and motivation. We assess applicants' logical reasoning and communication ability via a series of assessments. We also consider the experience in the field selected and general program eligibility to make admissions decisions. We also consider formal academic qualifications.

The Selection Process

Your journey starts with the application. Apply anytime and join the  waitlist when the application process is not officially open.

Video Assessment
This assessment is a unique opportunity to bring your application to life and to stand out from the rest. Applicants apply by submitting a video challenge no longer than 15 minutes on three topics related to their chosen program.

Written Assessment
Applicants who pass on to the second stage will be required to complete a written assessment.

Panel-Based Interview
The one-on-one interview provides you with an opportunity to display your best qualities. We are looking for evidence of your communication skills, experience and abilities. We also want to see that you have carefully considered your career choice.

Successful candidates will be offered admission into the Tezza Academy program.

Attendance of Interactive Q&A Session
Attend a Q&A session to get a better understanding of the program and to get critical questions answered ahead of executing agreements

Contract Execution
Trainees committing to attend the program will be required to execute the following three agreements

Academy Agreement
Tenancy Agreement
Emplooyment Agreement

During the Training
Unlimited access to in-person and virtual training

  • Stipend
  • Accommodation
  • Your laptop
  • Unlimited internet access
  • Training materials
  • Vehicle and driver
  • Free feeding on weekdays and access to two chefs
  • Washing machines
  • Backup generator
  • Recreational area
  • Gym Membership
  • Extra income (depending on additional jobs taken)


After the Training
Guaranteed job placement with Tezza Business Solutions

  • Mentorship opportunity
  • Networking opportunities
  • Lifetime access to community resources
  • Unlimited internet access


Why we do this:
We want to mitigate the financial barriers associated with building a tech career while moulding impressive consultants that would meet the needs of our clients. Therefore, Tezza Academy is committed to supporting and promoting a welcoming, inclusive and sustainable learning environment.


What to expect:

During your 3-4 months of intense training, you will have opportunities to take on salaried jobs. After graduation, you will work for our clients, earning N250,000 monthly. After two years, you can leave the employment, continue working or mentor the new cohort.

The registration section of the Tezza Academy website contains the latest information about our programme and registration requirements.

One of the critical requirements for participation in the programme is committing to a two-year employment contract with Tezza Business Solutions upon graduation. Only candidates who have successfully completed the programme are eligible for employment and as such you would be required to refund the full cost of the training programme if you are unable to complete it.

No. The training requirements are rigorous and time demanding. It requires continued engagement with team members in the academy and some of our clients under our Accelerated Resource Transition Programme and as such, it would be difficult to meet the programme requirements and keep up with the class with other demanding commitments like work or study.

Yes. A monthly upkeep allowance is paid to all participants. The sum of N65,000 or KES17000 is paid to each participant monthly during the training period.

Our training programme is designed to produce highly-skilled consultants with multiple competencies regardless of their chosen specialization track. While prior knowledge of some disciplines may be helpful, at Tezza, we train our consultants using our standards for customer engagement and solution delivery. As such, new methodologies will have to be learnt.

Kindly visit the Tezza Academy Programme Schedule on our website for the latest update on our training plan.

Both. Some of the courses are delivered online while others are delivered by in-person facilitators.

To receive a certificate, you must successfully complete all courses undertaken in the training track.

Yes. Tezza Academy will issue a certificate of completion for the specialization track undertaken.

Yes. You will be required to work for Tezza Business Solutions for a period of two years after completing the academy to cover the training costs.

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